Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k, and Kingdom Death professionally painted models by the painters at HM Paint Workshop

Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar war gaming, has been a big part of our lives for over 25 years and recently we've enjoyed surviving the dark world of Kingdom Death. As youngsters we had all the time in the world to paint and customize Warhammer miniatures. As we get older, we have less and less time to paint. Sound familiar?

Tech Priest Dominus

Warhammer 40k: Tech Priest Dominus

The Watcher

Kingdom Death: The Watcher

Shartor the Executioner

Age of Sigmar: Shartor the Executioner


Kingdom Death: The Scribe

One day a friend approached one of us to paint an Age of Sigmar model for an upcoming tournament. In the months that followed, we discovered other gamers also needed professionally painted models and HM has grown far beyond our expectations.

The number of painted miniature auctions that HM Paint Workshop has sold since our inception in July 2015.

Warhammer 40k
Age of Sigmar
Kingdom Death

HM’s beautifully painted figures have unlimited potential.

We enjoy unlocking the life within each model to help tell its story by emphasizing battle damage, enhancing pedestal bases or adding lifelike flexibility with magnets to arms, legs, weapons and head pieces. Our professionally painted miniatures captivate and immerse gamers into scifi and fantasy strategy tabletop war gaming.

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@HMpaintworkshop is always cooking up some amazing projects. One of the great things about this painter is that they often show their progress so you get a real idea of their progress.

Kingdom Death
Kingdom Death