HM Commissions

Duncan painted the following Commissions | Duncan's Bio

Tyranid Army

Warhammer 40K | Tyranid Army for Steve (photo by Steve)

Tyranid Tragon-Broodlord

Warhammer 40K | Tragon-Broodlord for Steve

Harpy with Spores

Warhammer 40K | Harpy with Spores for Steve

Tyranid Excorine

Warhammer 40K | Excorine for Steve

Tyranid Hormagaunts

Warhammer 40K | Hormagaunts for Steve

Flying Hive Tyrant Guards-Swarm Lord

Warhammer 40K | Swarm Lord & Hive Tyrant Guards for Steve


Warhammer 40K | Zoanthropes for Steve

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