Kingdom Death Gallery

Kingdom Death's world is immensely deep and brutally challenging. It will captivate the imagination and stoke the fires of obsession.
The world of Kingdom Death is out to kill survivors and will do so without mercy.


Will you decide to Protect the Young, or will you live by Survival of the Fittest?
Do you bury your dead in Graves, or will you Cannibalize the corpses for extra resources?
Survivors are the bottom of the food chain and they should never forget that.

Black Knight | Commission

The Watcher | For Sale

Butcher | SOLD

Kingsman | For Sale


Adventure into the abyss against countless abominations, terrors, and challenges. Humanity is but a speck of dust living a pitifully fractured, and unchronicled existence. Only the deeply deranged would attempt to fight back. Accept this land as your deathbed.

Dragon King Sacrifice | SOLD

Silk Assassin | For Sale

Warrior | SOLD

Lioness | For Sale